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Rosie Amber

Secrets of a Highland Warrior (The Lochmore Legacy, #4)Secrets of a Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke

4 stars

Secrets Of A Highland Warrior is the final book in the Lockmore series of historical romances.

A set of four books, each steps back into history as clues to a mystery are revealed. Book one began in the Victorian era, book two is set during the Regency years, book three in Tudor times, and the final book is set in the medieval period.

So far we have been introduced to a mystical brooch, an empty crypt and a long standing family feud between two clans.

The final tale, but it could also be called the first, is set in 1293. Rory Lockmore is the only child of the current chief of the clan. He has taken men with him to Castle McCrieff, the home of their long-term enemy, to demand the surrender of land granted to them by the new…

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Learning Something New from Mr. Muse #writerslife

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici!

That was as far as I had gotten when this happened…


I am already in my jammies, typing this in bed. It’s one thing for Mr. Muse to be in the house, but it’s another when he’s in the master suite. The master suite! My hubby would not be amused to see him here. But, alas, he’s working.

I’m also supposed to be working. Instead, I am blogging. Or was about to. Hence the interruption.

I scowl at him. “I’m not dressed for company.”

“I’m not company. I’m your muse.”

Truth be told, he isn’t dressed for visiting. His feet are bare and he has on plaid pajama bottoms and a US Navy tee—more clothes than he usually wears around my house. Still, the outfit seems somehow… intimate.

“What do you want?” As if I don’t know.

“I’m here to keep you on track. When you work…

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The Writer’s Wheel 6/17/19: A Look Around the Neighborhood Loleta Abi


The Writer’s Wheel 6/18/19: Taking a Look Around the Neighborhood

Loleta Abi

This week, our community has yard/garage/porch sales. Seventy-four in all. We only made it to eight. It was exciting and there were quite the finds! I found a new large rug for my kitchen. I still need to find another to replace the one in my living room. I found a pan rack that I’ve been looking for in stores for a while. I found throw pillows. Books by authors I wanted to read. All but two of the Harry Potter movies for $6. There was a Prisoner of Azkban by J.K. Rowling limited, first edition for $10. There were two nice armchairs, seventy-five a piece, or a hundred-and-fifty for both. A couch for $100. They were beautiful bargains but unfortunately, already sold. My daughter found what she’d been looking for: a bean-bag chair for $2. She also found a bunch of paints and craft items. We found a poacher since she likes poached eggs.

There are so many things to find at these sales. I love summertime for this reason. All the sales, all the bargains. Next month is a big church sale that always has loads of furniture (which I replace my old, beaten things with, lol), clothing, and housewares. I’m looking for some floor fans. I’m also looking for desks to replace what I have now, stands, file cabinets, and organizers. They usually have exercise equipment as well though most of the time it’s out of my price range and is gone before the half-price day at the end of the three-day sale. There are people who travel from far and near for the sale.

Some pay extra to get a first pick of the items the night before the opening. I can’t afford to do that either, lol. It’s where I’ve gotten my couches in the past but this year, we’re going with chairs. I’d like to find a nice armchair to replace the one I have now. I’m good on bookshelves as I’ve gotten a lot of them from years before. Huge ones that hold a LOT of books. I’m looking to downsize our living room for now as we live in a cottage.

I do have my office in my living room though as there’s no room for it elsewhere. It’s kind of cramped but I’m hoping to make it less so in the future. So how about you? Do you go to any sales? Find any good bargains this year? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

Why Waiting is Difficult

It’s no secret that the writing biz requires patience. Sometimes, though, waiting can be agonizing. Recently, an exciting opportunity came my way. In order to make this dream come true, I had two weeks (two weeks!) to produce something I’ve never done before. Sorry for being so cryptic, but I don’t want to jinx it. Now that I made my deadline, all that’s left to do is wait. And wait. And wait. Even with a new release, my mind keeps wandering back to this secret project … and the wait.

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Teaser Tuesday: Ichabod Brooks & the King of Nowhere #fantasy #shortstories

Legends of Windemere

Cover Art by Circecorp

By popular demand, The Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks got 6 votes on the Teaser Tuesday poll.  Since these are short stories, it’s hard to pick something that isn’t too much, so I am going to post the beginning of one of the tales for 3 of the 6 posts.  I’ve put all 19 votes into a randomizer too, so more Ichabod will be appearing throughout the next 19 weeks.  Again, I want to thank everyone who voted.  Enjoy!

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I Think This Week Happened and the Next One Is Coming

Legends of Windemere

When this goes live, I’ll still be in the big day of training for my summer job.  I’m writing this Friday night, so I don’t know what I’ve done or about to do.  This is actually the first day of training and I have something nearly every night this coming week.  I managed to avoid Friday night getting booked in order to recover and enjoy a weekend with my son that will include an autism-friendly showing of ‘Frozen’ on Broadway.  All of this is on top of tests at school.  Needless to say, I’m a little frazzled.

I haven’t had much time or energy to reduce my stress this week, so I’ve been really worn out.  I wanted to start another puzzle, but I ran out of glue and couldn’t find any more to clear the finished one from the table.  The new stuff didn’t arrive until Thursday night, so…

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Serial Saturday [Horror] – The Photograph #3

Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

Another week has passed me by without me noticing. I’ve watched a bit of the women’s World Cup (go England!), and I’ve done some drawing, so I know I must have been around!

But today is Saturday and it’s time to focus on the serial at hand, which this time round, is The Photograph.

Last time, the police were continuing their questioning of BIFF KELLER regarding the disappearance of his friend, THORLEY LNGDON. We left if with Biff about to describe a conversation he had with Thorley’s wife.

You can read the first part HERE and the most recent part HERE.

So on to today…

“‘He’s not called, Biff.I’ve spoken to his friends and they don’t know where he is.You’re my last hope.My best hope.Where has he gone?’She was quite agitated.

“There’s a British Legion café across from the library, so I took her there.We ordered two…

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Tales from the Irish Garden Serialisation – Winter – Chapter Five – The Dapperman – Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Winter – Chapter Five – The Dapperman – Sally Cronin

The next few days passed in a blur as Queen Filigree, Persephone and Narcissus and the rest of the court settled into their new quarters. Whilst the royal family had managed to bring a good selection of their regal attire on the goose transport, most of the other courtiers and servants had only managed to bring one change of clothing. Clearly this was going to be problem within a short space of time, despite the fact that a site for the new laundry had been found.

At the top of the new palace, next to the pigeon house, was a chamber with a steady supply of dripping rainwater through a gap in the roots. This fed a trough that flowed into large barrels, fashioned from fallen bark from the forest, and waterproofed with moss mixed with heated pine resin. The…

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Social.”

Fiction Favorites

Stream of Consciousness

It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again. This weeks prompt is “social.” Linda Hill says we should have fun with it, so I guess that’s what I will do. If you would like to have fun with it too just go to Linda’s blog and read how easy. Here is the link.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 15/19

Social by John W. Howell © 2019

“Oh look an ice cream social.”

“What the heck is that?”

“You go there and eat ice cream and be social with the folks who are there.”

“Social? What does “be social” mean?”

“I forgot you were raised in the city. Probably in a dumpster.”

“Now, now country boy. Let’s not let our jealousy show.”

“To be social is to interact with the gathered folks. Let them see what an exceptional being you are. ”

“Do I have to like them?”


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Tips for the Well-Mannered Writer

I love Project Gutenberg. This site has an ongoing project of digitizing works from the past that have fallen into public domain. The works are then made available—for free download—in Kindle, Epub, or text format. You can also read the books online. There are man classics of world literature available, but it’s the small, quirky, period books I find most interesting. If you write historical fiction, Project Gutenberg offers a treasure trove of research material from the 1700s on. Via Feedly, I get an alert on their latest digitized titles. Many of them don’t interest me, i.e., titles like The Fern Lover’s Companion: A Guide for the Northeastern States and Canada and A Treatise on the Origin, Progress, Prevention, and Cure of Dry Rot in Timber. But every now and then a title catches my eye and I go in for a peek at the text. The other day it was The Woman and the Car, published in 1909, and described as “A chatty little handbook for all women who motor or who want to motor.”

Source: Tips for the Well-Mannered Writer