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Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig here today. We rotate our Friday assignments, and today it’s my turn to share a book with all of you. So far, we’ve shared various novels that we’ve enjoyed, but that streak ends today.

Story Empire is all about helping other authors, and sharing what we know. One of us doesn’t know as much as all of us – that kind of thinking. This means that today I’m sharing a craft book with you guys.

Screenwriting Tips for Authors is not as widely known as some of the other texts out there, but it meant a lot to me. I found it after I’d written several trunk novels, and the timing was perfect. I still use some of the lessons I learned here to this day.

This is where I picked up storyboarding as being preferable to outlining. The author spends quite a bit of time showing…

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Thursday – A Little Personal – The Contract at $0.99

Fiction Favorites

Twiggy, Lucy. Bailey

“Excuse me, Dad, but isn’t one of your books on special beginning today?

“Yes, The Contract Kindle version is on sale today through the 15th.”

“UH HELLO. Don’t you think you ought to tell someone about it?”

“Geez, Twiggy. I’ll get to it.”

“You’ll get to it? When?  It’s only three days. After the sale is done?”

“No. I have some tweets out there.”

“Tweets? How about you let your readers know about it here?”

“Always a good idea. Okay here is the link to Amazon. How about we go outside now.”

“Well, did you get through? After all dog food isn’t getting cheaper.”

“Hard to tell Bailey. He is such a nerd when it comes to promotion.”

“You got to him, Twiggy. Look he even put a cover, blurb, and the awards down there. Way to go Boss.”

  Click cover for Amazon

The earth is under the…

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The Modern Mysteries

The Silent Eye

The ‘mysteries’ have been with mankind as long as we have existed. They are a collection of paths that take us inwards; restoring a sense of self deeper than that which reacts, and showing us that mankind is much more than a biological animal – though animals, and their focus on the ‘now’ have much to teach us, too.

The reason these paths work is that we are more than we appear to be. The reactive nature of the self-in-the-world, the personality, fixes it into a certain relationship with its world. This is vital for survival but not so for our potential evolution. Mankind is not a finished project. Nature can only take us so far, beyond that point we have take responsibility for our own self-development, and the power for this comes from within. To begin this, we have to loosen the grip of the world on our reactive…

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Audiobooks: the Fastest-Growing Segment of Publishing

Nicholas C. Rossis

This is a post originally written for Azure Fire Publishing.

The Audiobook’s Oral Past

Audiobook | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image: Pixabay

In ancient times, minstrels used to travel the known world to recite the epic adventures of Ulysses and his companions. In the Dark Ages, troubadours would sing the adventures of valiant knights and damsels in distress. Folk songs in the 18th and 19th-century western world would narrate the stories of lovers, warriors, monsters, and adventurers.

The above examples demonstrate how audiobooks and modern fiction like action, romance, mystery, and even fantasy have their roots in the oral tradition; a tradition we can trace back to the first steps of humanity. One can imagine ancient tribes listening to elders around a campfire. This scene is probably as real as our sweet children pleading for one more bedtime story, their heavy eyelids closing as we recite by heart their favorite nursery rhyme…

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Good Vibrations Gratitude Friday #45

Running Forward...My Way

Today is Friday!  You know what that means. Time for some good vibrations gratitude.

I am inviting you join me on Good Vibration Gratitude Fridays!

Exciting, right?

You are probably wondering how you get in on the action.

It’s easy! If you are grateful for something, please either comment below or share a pic of what you are grateful for on Instagram with the hashtag #goodvibrationsgratitude

Also feel free to follow me on Instragram at @kerrymckim

Here are 5 things I am grateful for this week.

  1. The fact that I can say geeky things to Kimmy Gibbler and she finds them funny.

    Last week for Good Vibrations Gratitude Friday, I wrote that I was grateful for President George H.W. Bush.

    I thought about how he was #41.

    As I wrote my post, I thought about how it was my 44th Good Vibrations Gratitude Friday post.

    I thought to…

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Friday Click and Run – December 14th

Stevie Turner

Sometimes when we’re busy it’s nice to simply leave a link to our blog or blog post and run, and so Friday Click and Run is just for that purpose. However, of course you can check out others’ links and share away if you want to. So… every Friday do add some info of what your blog is about and also link to your blog or blog post in the comments if you’ve got a minute. You don’t have to do anything else such as sharing or commenting unless you really want to. Isn’t that cool? People may decide to check your link out, or they may not. They might decide to leave their own link and run as well, so you may meet each other heading out the door. If I see a post that’s a bit risqué, then I shall be running too – straight to the ‘delete’…

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Writing Dialog That Isn’t Boring and Moves Your Story Along

Author Don Massenzio

This post will drill down into a topic with which I struggled in my early writing. That topic is dialog; when to use it, how to use it, what to avoid, etc.

Before I dive into this topic, I wanted to give a special shout out to my editor who not only reminded me that the punctuation goes inside of the quotation marks, but constantly reminded me that I should “show vs. tell” and sent me links to writing tips to help my early writing.

books and  message for story writers "show, don't tell" written


This is one of the hardest paradigm shifts that I had to deal with. I come from a technical, corporate world. This background has affected my writing. I can write narrative and describe business and technical situations very effectively. When writing fiction, however, using too much narrative can come across as dry and uninteresting. It’s much more effective to let your characters…

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Friday Fictioneers: All This Social Media Nonsense


Copyright –Douglas M. MacIlroy

All This Social Media Nonsense

‘All this Facebook, Twitter and what have you? Last year I got three business deals through in the time my niece spent on Social Media. All this buying clothes and tapping away on that machine. Today some tough love is in order Jack. She needs to learn how to be out in the real world with real people.’, I said to my brother.

He smiled, sipped his tea.

‘Zara has an online fashion business that’s doing very well Andrew.’, Jack smiled.

I sip my tea. He and I know my business is crumbling but talking big makes me feel better.

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