The Writer's Wheel 3/22/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 3/22/2020: Surviving the Bland Loleta Abi These times are unsettling but it’s what we do to distract ourselves that’ll show the generations to come how we survived. Everyone’s thinking apocalyptic right now, but there’s are always survivors to everything. Why should we tear ourselves down in the meantime or hurt others in […]

The Writer’s Wheel 3/15/2020: Deepening Crisis Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 3/15/2020: Deepening Crisis Loleta Abi It seems that it’s that time that we need to examine finances, food stocking, cleaning supplies, outdoor stuff, etc. Around the country, a lot of businesses are allowing their employees to work at home for safety’s concern. Are you doing the same where you live? Have You […]

The Writer’s Wheel 3/7/2020: How Panicked are You? Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 3/8/2020: How Far Have You Panicked? Traci Kenworth Let’s talk about the Panda Bear in the room. Namely, the coronavirus. It’s been a few months since the outbreaks in China first happened. News here and there, says the gov’t new sooner. Whether or not that’s true, the sheer numbers of deaths and […]