Five Links Loleta Abi

Five Links…6/14/19 Loleta Abi Writing: 1. “Writing fiction is a solitary pursuit. The writers of Saturday Night Live might have great craic (“craic” being the Irish word for “fun”) aiming paper airplanes across the table, and end up with memorable and quirky sketches, but it doesn’t work for us novelists. We must work alone. […]

The Book Corner 6/13/19: What I’m Reading Adult-wise Loleta Abi

The Book Corner 6/13/19: What I’m Reading Adult-wise Loleta Abi Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Storynomics by Robert McKee, Creating Character Arcs by K.M. Wieland, The Last Fifty Pages by James Scott Bell, How to Write Realistic Men by Jackson Dean Chase, The Freelancer’s Survival Guide by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, In the Company of Woman […]

The Writer’s Wheel 6/11/19: The Draw of Romance Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 6/11/19: The Draw of Romance Loleta Abi Entertainment. A lot of readers read romance for the entertainment. Learning about new settings. Digging into the past and seeing how our ancestors lived and loved. Taking an adventure when you’re life seems so ho-hum. Attempting to forget what’s going on in your day-to-day-life. Bills. […]

The Book Corner…6/6/19 Joan Johnston’s Sullivan’s Promise

The Book Corner…6/6/19 Joan Johnston’s Sullivan’s Promise Loleta Abi Sullivan’s Promise: A Bitter Creek novel by Joan Johnston. Apr. 30, 2019. Random House. Amazon’s blurb: Two unforgiving lovers reunite for the sake of their child in this fiery contemporary romance from the New York Times bestselling author of Surrender. Facing the unexpected consequences of a life-altering night of […]

The Writer’s Wheel…6/4/19 Romance and the Reader Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel…6/4/19: Romance and the Reader Loleta Abi Are romances still the most popular genre selling today? Statistica reported romance as the second most popular selling genre, behind mystery/crime/thriller. Romance is a billion-dollar industry with 1.08 according to Bookstat and 1.44 billion including self-published titles. Over fifty million romances were sold in 2017, raking […]

Five Links Loleta Abi

tulips Five Links…5/31/19 Loleta Abi Writing: 1. “Many people who find themselves in an editorial role make the same mistake. They think they’re supposed to fix the book. They’ve identified the problems and they expend a lot of mental energy on coming up with solutions. The classic version of this is the film development […]

Five Links Loleta Abi

landscape Five Links…5/24/19 Loleta Abi Writing: 1. “While scrolling through my Facebook feed some years ago, I came across a link to Bill Wolfe’s website, Read Her Like an Open Book. Someone had posted a link to a book review he’d written, and I’d clicked on it, finding myself at a website dedicated to reviewing […]

Five Links…5/17/19 Loleta Abi

Five Links…5/17/19 Loleta Abi Writing: 1. “Writing advice is so often contradictory. Take, for example, the advice to write only for yourself or in service of your vision. But just as often you’ll hear: write with an intended readership in mind. Neither piece of advice is wrong; they’re just prioritizing different things. Writers who […]