The Writer’s Wheel 5/31/2020: Lessons in Life Traci Kenworth

The Writer’s Wheel 5/31/2020: Lessons in Life Loleta Abi Never think you have nothing to say. You do. You’ve walked a different road, lived a different life than all other humans. Therefore, you have your story to tell. And I have mine. To Begin. Make a commitment. Challenge fate. Learn all that you can to […]

The Writer’s Wheel 5/16/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 5/17/2020: Making Amends Loleta Abi I used to think there were some things you couldn’t come back. Some mistakes you couldn’t forgive yourself or others for. It’s a hard step to get over the hurt, the bruising others have left you with. Or your children. The latter is the hardest of all […]

The Writer’s Wheel 5/10/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 5/10/2020: Blessings in Disguise Loleta Abi Maybe we’ve been looking at this shelter-at-home in the wrong way. Maybe it’s actually been a blessing in disguise for each of us. Hold on with your outrage for a moment and consider why: Families That Had Grown Apart Were Reunited. In any day, that’s a […]

The Writer’s Wheel 5/2/2020: When Everything Becomes a Chore Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 5/3/2020: When Everything Becomes a Chore Loleta Abi When you stay at home day-after-day, things become stale and unrestful. Especially during a quarantine. Now, that things are lifting some, it’ll be good to get out. However, let’s talk about what happens to those left behind in these times. Things You Love Become […]

The Writer’s Wheel 4/25/2020: Never Stop Dreaming Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 4/26/2020: Never Stop Dreaming! Traci Kenworth Today, I want to talk to you about a topic that often gets us down: dreaming about something we wish to do/accomplish. We go along so happy and excited about reaching goals only to get discouraged by the ups and downs of things. It happens to […]

Three Links 4/19/2020 Loleta Abi

This is late because I’ve been down with a sinus infection/stiff neck/headache combination. I apologize for the lack of links. Three Links 4/16/2020 Loleta Abi Writing: 1. “We’re living through a time when we’re forced to face something our culture prefers to ignore: our own mortality. We’re discovering, to paraphrase Emily Dickinson, that although […]

The Writer’s Wheel 4/19/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 4/19/2020: When Rust Creeps into the Gears Loleta Abi Some of us were writing right along and then the coronavirus hit. We hit a snag in our plans. And a bit of rust got on the gears while we tried to weather the storm. However, whenever you’re ready, you might have to […]

The Writer’s Wheel 4/12/2020 :The Writer’s Perspective Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 4/12/2020: A Writer’s Perspective Loleta Abi I know we’re all a little on the edge. The more time that goes by without things returning to normal, if we can go back to a normal, the more it seems everything is going to change drastically forever. I don’t mean to sound the doom […]