The Writer’s Wheel 7/26/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 7/22/2020: Holding Each Other Accountable Loleta Abi It’s become popular in the world to just do as you please without any consequences. Living like that is like living as children. Any tantrum might get us what we want but unless we learn a lesson from our actions, we’re not doing ourselves any […]

The Writer’s Wheel 6/15/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 6/9/2020: Tomato Season Loleta Abi I look forward to this time of year. When you can go to your local farmer’s market and buy some tomatoes, other veggies, and some Big Smile Peaches. They are so fresh, so irresistible after eating hot house tomatoes through the winter season provided by the stores. […]

The Writer’s Wheel 6/7/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 6/7/2020: Backward Sliding Loleta Abi There are times in our lives when we’re sure we’re moving forward on things, reaching our goals, only to backward slide. We may end up all the way at the beginning or somewhere in the middle. Never at the end. This is part of life. Sometimes we […]

The Writer’s Wheel 5/31/2020: Lessons in Life Traci Kenworth

The Writer’s Wheel 5/31/2020: Lessons in Life Loleta Abi Never think you have nothing to say. You do. You’ve walked a different road, lived a different life than all other humans. Therefore, you have your story to tell. And I have mine. To Begin. Make a commitment. Challenge fate. Learn all that you can to […]

The Writer’s Wheel 5/16/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 5/17/2020: Making Amends Loleta Abi I used to think there were some things you couldn’t come back. Some mistakes you couldn’t forgive yourself or others for. It’s a hard step to get over the hurt, the bruising others have left you with. Or your children. The latter is the hardest of all […]

The Writer’s Wheel 5/10/2020 Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 5/10/2020: Blessings in Disguise Loleta Abi Maybe we’ve been looking at this shelter-at-home in the wrong way. Maybe it’s actually been a blessing in disguise for each of us. Hold on with your outrage for a moment and consider why: Families That Had Grown Apart Were Reunited. In any day, that’s a […]

The Writer’s Wheel 5/2/2020: When Everything Becomes a Chore Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 5/3/2020: When Everything Becomes a Chore Loleta Abi When you stay at home day-after-day, things become stale and unrestful. Especially during a quarantine. Now, that things are lifting some, it’ll be good to get out. However, let’s talk about what happens to those left behind in these times. Things You Love Become […]

The Writer’s Wheel 4/25/2020: Never Stop Dreaming Loleta Abi

The Writer’s Wheel 4/26/2020: Never Stop Dreaming! Traci Kenworth Today, I want to talk to you about a topic that often gets us down: dreaming about something we wish to do/accomplish. We go along so happy and excited about reaching goals only to get discouraged by the ups and downs of things. It happens to […]

Three Links 4/19/2020 Loleta Abi

This is late because I’ve been down with a sinus infection/stiff neck/headache combination. I apologize for the lack of links. Three Links 4/16/2020 Loleta Abi Writing: 1. “We’re living through a time when we’re forced to face something our culture prefers to ignore: our own mortality. We’re discovering, to paraphrase Emily Dickinson, that although […]