Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #Metaphysical #Mystery WHERE ACORNS LANDED by Anne M. Curtis

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Rosie Amber

Where Acorns LandedWhere Acorns Landed by Anne M. Curtis

4 stars

Where Acorns Landed is a metaphysical mystery. Set mainly on The Isle Of Man, the narrative revolves around two main characters.

Lowell has become a hermit after his parents were drowned at sea, living only for the irregular interactions with a voice on his radio. One day a man turns up and insists on entering Lowell’s house; he’s been sent by Nell, the voice on the radio, and has an important job offer for Lowell.

Brighid’s mother left when she was a baby and her grandparents brought her up; she never knew where her mother lived but she would always receive a birthday card from her, no matter where she had moved to. But now her mother needs to see her urgently and she’s sent her an address for a house in France.

Lowell and Brighid are brought together for a…

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