Wide Wanderer…

I love the stories he tells with his words.

France & Vincent


If confirmation were needed that the Norse God,

Odin, is an ‘anthropomorph of the beyond’,

we need only consider his animal familiars.


His ravens ‘memory’ and ‘mind’ fly abroad

relaying to him all that happens,

while his lower self, the wolves, ‘ravenous’ and ‘greed’,

gorge themselves in the sensory world.


His acquisition of wisdom is interesting

from a psychological perspective.


He hangs nine nights on the ‘world tree’

sacrificing, ‘himself to himself’,

before exchanging one of his eyes for wisdom.


For the modern psychologist the nine nights

would correspond to the nine fractures in personality.


Perhaps Odin’s adherents, in Old Times,

underwent some form of initiaton,

in imitation of their God,

which granted them, too,

access to the wisdom beyond?

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