Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #Mystery MURDER AT THE COLUMBARIUM by @TheEmilyGallo @ImChrisBarboza

Rosie Amber

Murder at the ColumbariumMurder at the Columbarium by Emily Gallo

4 stars

Murder At The Columbarium is a relaxed paced contemporary mystery which is set in San Francisco.

Jed is the caretaker of the Columbarium which is a building with niches where funeral urns are stored. One morning he finds the body of a Pakistani woman inside the gates, and beside her a baby.

While the police investigate the murder, Jed takes it upon himself to also do some sleuthing.

The reader is easily enveloped into Jed’s multi-racial world and the story smoothly incorporates HIV, racialism, Parkinson’s disease, and several elements from the LGBTQ community lifestyle. The author wrote these parts without preaching to her audience, which I appreciated.

I liked Jed’s dedication to his caretaking job, especially the moments when he took time to sing to the ‘occupants’ during his daily rounds. He was a very likeable character and went out of…

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