Dear Wen: Jonah…

France & Vincent

Dear Wen…x aylesbury 043

The dichotomy is between devouring or eating and swallowing whole…

The Moon cycle… being devoured or eaten symbolises ‘earthly time’…

The Sun cycle… being swallowed whole symbolises ‘cosmic time’…

There are some specific iconographies for this.

I am thinking of the Gnostic Eon… or Aion…

A lion headed man entwined by a serpent…

…Which precisely corresponds with and extends the Egyptian conception of Ra and Apophis.

Photo Andreu Abuin Photo Andreu Abuin

The Leon-cephalic holds symbols in both hands…

From memory, I think one of them may be the ‘dorje’ a double- headed ‘thunderbolt’.

(The same weapon used by Marduk to ‘dispatch’ his ‘adversary’… which starts to look like another symbol for time, winged and looking back devouring…)

…And, again, from memory this ‘fellow’ is sometimes depicted with arms crossed over the chest and sometimes with hands meeting over the heart centre, which are both Osirian postures of course.

scotland trip jan 15 118Odd you…

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