Dear Don: Norman…

France & Vincent

Dear Don,scotland trip jan 15 335

Yes, The Legend seems to have caught fire somewhat… which is rather nice. It will be interesting to see what happens when the copies hit the dancing ground.

I’ve been thinking about this whole Devouring Beast malarkey. We’re missing something. Well, we’re probably missing a fair bit, of course, but I started wondering …sort of backwards. I may waffle…bear with me.

For a start, these ‘Norman’ fonts… well, are we sure they are all Norman? Just because the experts date them to a specific era based on contemporary designs, doesn’t mean that’s when they date from really does it? It just gives a likely date of construction. But don’t we, as a society, often harp back to older artforms as a matter our course? Either through nostalgia, an appreciation of the meaning and beauty or… as in the Ancient Egyptian, for example… through an awareness that perhaps the…

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