Dear Don: Four Beasts…

France & Vincent

Four Holy Creatures, Wells Cathedral Four Holy Creatures, Wells Cathedral

Dear Don,

Well no, I didn’t answer your question…. I thought it was rhetorical. I really should have known better, shouldn’t I? I gather you have something in mind and I’m assuming we are not drawing on specialist knowledge here but simply looking at the images as one would take a seed thought for a meditation… starting from scratch, as it were?

So… “Were I to ask you for example why the four holy creatures are used to symbolise the four evangelists…without recourse to books or internet… what would you say?”

CA Village and church (35)4For a start I would look at the simple fact that there are four… and Revelation mentions the Four Holy Creatures… no, it was four Living creatures, if I recall, which has to be significant. They are described as the now traditional figures of Man, Calf, Eagle and Lion and said to have wings…

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