#PoetryReadathon – Meet author and blogger Ritu Bhathal

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Ritu Bhathal is a wonderful blogger and friend. She has christened our blogging community as her blogily which I think is the perfect name for this lovely and supportive group.

Ritu and I have become good friends over the blog. We have a lot in common, we are both working mothers, doing our best to balance our families, work lives and writing aspirations to the best of our abilities.

Ritu has a splendid blog, https://butismileanyway.com/ where she shares all sorts of interesting pieces of information, anecdotes about her children and life as a nursery and reception school teacher, poetry, book reviews and lots of other bits and bobs. Ritu’s lovely heart and great sense of humour shine through in her writing which is why her blog is so popular. Ritu is also labouring away on her first novel and has shared some interesting bits of it along the way.


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