Practical Mindfulness Exercises To Hone Your Craft

The Lotus & Pen

This post originally appeared on my mindfulness monday column on the vermont college of fine arts blog


I talk a lot about how mindfulness and meditation can help the writing process, but today I want to talk about how it can help the writing itself. Your craft. Your story-telling ability. Mindfulness can be the lens through which you see the work itself, not just how you go about approaching your creative life. These are a few exercises that will help you go deeper with your characters and sharpen your world-building, as well as fine-tune your prose on the word-by-word level. We’ll even get into how mindfulness can help you revise.

Specificity Through Paying Attention

I’ve often mentioned how mindfulness practice can help you in the all-essential art of paying attention which is, perhaps, the most important quality in any writer. But what about the words on the actual page?


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