Book Talk…1/25/16



Book Talk…1/25/16

Traci Krites


  1. A Girl’s Guide to Moving On Debbie Macomber. Ballantine Mar. 2016. Netgalley. When her son cheats on her daughter-in-law, Leanne tells her, not wanting her to live the same loveless marriage she’s done for years with his father. Shortly thereafter, both Leanne and Nichole start divorce proceedings. After two years, Nichole ex finally agrees to the divorce and she ends up driving in the ditch. A handsome tow truck driver helps her out, if she agrees to help dress his daughter for a dance at school. She does and sparks start to ignite between Nichole and Rocco. Meanwhile, teaching an English course to immigrants, Leanne meet Nikolai who bakes her bread and walks her to her car every night. As the days turn, both women discover a new love with these men but their pasts aren’t through with them yet.


This is a warm, tear-filled read. I cheered both women on as they went from heartbroke, depressed, down-on-their-luck to new beginnings. Each romance was special and real. There are no bad people in the book, only misguided. This is the first time I’ve read a Debbie Macomber novel. I’ve always heard good things about her books and now I know why. It’s a sweet romance but you hardly miss all the sex escapades because she makes the relationships all count for something more.


One of my favorite things about the book is the bread making. I thought it symbolized Leanne and Nikolai’s relationship well. At first it was tentative, not all the way understood, then it went through a growth period, like the rising of the yeast when making break by hand, and then finally the baking, cooling, and eating time when everything comes together like a warm slice of bread.


I loved that Owen and Kaylene didn’t do the typical jealous behavior of kids meeting a new potential mate for their parents. They kept things believable and hopping for Rocco and Nichole. I loved their closeness, how they fought for one another, and coming together as a family was the best.


5 stars!!

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